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Perhentian Isles
Tanjung Basi

The Perhentian Isles group are all in a marine preserve, and have really benefited from this. We snorkeled on the Perhentian Island Resort house reef the day we got there, and again the following morning - a wide variety of coral, including a number of clams.

In the afternoon we took a fairly long boat trip out to snorkel in the vicinity of Pulau Rawa, some rocks off to the North West of the Perhentian Isles (see the dive-map below). There the dive boat dropped us off twice, once almost over a wonderfully huge coral stack, with table and other corals growing from it. Clams and a wide range of other thriving coral - some of the best we saw.

The next day I arranged two dives, morning and afternoon. For the Perhentian dives I was able to borrow a rather nice digital camera with housing, and shot a few hundred photos on both the morning and afternoon dives.
This is a selection of photos from the morning dive.

Again no wet-suit, and hence only a small weight-belt - bliss !

IMG 0628 dive-plan
IMG 0628 dive plan
A good briefing from Dominic prior to kitting up, while Melissa was working with a couple of chaps taking their Padi open water.
Quite a shallow dive 18m max, with the end of the dive in even shallower water.

IMG 0629 dive-map
IMG 0629 dive map

IMG 0298 embark
IMG 0298 embark

IMG 0302 Valentina
IMG 0302 Valentina
Pro photographer Valentina took some superb photos for us on both dives.
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IMG 0306 in-water
IMG 0306 in water
In water at 10:25. Mellisa helping people kit-up.

IMG 0313 plate-coral
IMG 0313 table coral

IMG 0317 branching-coral
IMG 0317 branching coral

IMG 0324 pitcher-coral
IMG 0324 pitcher coral

IMG 0327 diver fish
IMG 0327 diver + fish
My buddy Julian, a Triggerfish keeping an eye on us all.

IMG 0355 large-fish
IMG 0355 large fish
A pass by from another Triggerfish.

IMG 0360 pitcher-coral diver
IMG 0360 pitcher coral + diver

IMG 0373 diver
IMG 0373 diver

IMG 0381 coral diver
IMG 0381 coral + diver

IMG 0384 large-fish
IMG 0384 large fish
Another Triggerfish checks us out.

IMG 0399 fish corals
IMG 0399 fish + corals

IMG 0402 anemone
IMG 0402 anemone

IMG 0407 anemone fish
IMG 0407 anemone + fish

IMG 0411branching-coral
IMG 0411 branching coral

IMG 0417 Valentina anemone
IMG 0417 Valentina + anemone

Val 080306 007 beau+anenome
Val 080306 007 Beau + anemone
Photo © vividBlu Imaging logo vividBlu Imaging

IMG 0422 fan-coral
IMG 0422 fan coral

Val 080306 008 beau+fan-coral
Val 080306 008 beau+fan-coral
Photo © vividBlu Imaging logo vividBlu Imaging

IMG 0425 blue-fish
IMG 0425 blue fish

IMG 0430 pitcher-coral anemone
IMG 0430 pitcher coral + anemone

IMG 0439 diver_branching-coral
IMG 0439 diver + branching coral

IMG 0448 morey-ell
IMG 0448 morey eel
Seriously bad tempered by the time everyone had taken photos.

IMG 0460 anemone fish
IMG 0460 anemone + fish

IMG 0478 Diver plate-coral
IMG 0478 diver + table coral

IMG 0479 pitcher-coral
IMG 0479 pitcher coral

IMG 0483 diver corals
IMG 0483 diver + corals

IMG 0515_branching-coral fish
IMG 0515 branching coral + fish

IMG 0517 plate-coral
IMG 0517 table coral

IMG 0535 corals
IMG 0535 corals

IMG 0543 diver fan-coral
IMG 0543 diver + fan coral

IMG 0558 anemone fish hand
IMG 0558 anemone + fish + hand
"So I don't care how big you are ... this is my anemone"

IMG 0569 corals
IMG 0569 corals

IMG 0584to9 clam-closing
IMG 0584to9 clam closing
Some of a series of photos taken on rapid shoot, as I swam closer.

IMG 0591 blue-fish coral
IMG 0591 blue fish + coral

IMG 0596 dive-leader corals
IMG 0596 dive-leader + corals
Dive leader Dominic with SMB.

IMG 0600 blue-fish
IMG 0600 blue fish

IMG 0618 in-boat
IMG 0618 in boat
All back in boat after an excellent dive, heading back to the resort.
54 minutes dive time, max depth 17.7m, air remaining 78 bar.

....... photos © Beau Webber unless otherwise stated